Blogging the Bitface, 2018 Style

    Like last year, I present the figures for my blogging in 2018. 163 posts in total, counting this one, broken up as follows.

    Month Posts
    Jan 20
    Feb 13
    Mar 11
    Apr 15
    May 23
    Jun 16
    Jul 11
    Aug 8
    Sep 9
    Oct 13
    Nov 12
    Dec 12

    The formatting has improved, as I mentioned last time. I’m not sure what I did that made it better. The SQL is the same as before, with the obvious year change.

    100 posts less1 than last year, but not bad. I’ll try for something closer to daily in 2019.

    1. Some would say that should be “fewer,” but it turns out that was never a real rule, just some guy’s choice that got locked into style guides. 

    2017 in Bitface Blogging

    Well hello. It’s been a while. That daily posting thing didn’t work too well in the latter part of the year, and was particularly weak in the last couple of weeks. Weak weeks.

    In fact I posted 261 times in 2017. It’s surprisingly hard to find that kind of thing out from Wordpress itself. I had to dig into the database and run some simple SQL:

    select count(*) from devilgate_posts
      where  post_status = 'publish'
      and post_type = 'post'
      and post_date_gmt like '2017%';

    261 is 72% of the days of the year, which is not too bad. Certainly the most posts in any year out of the past fifteen(!)

    Here’s the monthly breakdown:

    Month Posts
    Jan 32
    Feb 33
    Mar 33
    Apr 18
    May 27
    Jun 15
    Jul 21
    Aug 17
    Sep 18
    Oct 18
    Nov 23
    Dec 6

    A strong start, tapering off in the middle, with a rally in November and then a complete collapse in December. I suspect the last is from a combination of post-nano slump and the festive season.

    If you’re interested, here’s the SQL that got me that table:

      date_format(post_date_gmt, '%b') as Month,
      count(*) as Posts
      from devilgate_posts
      where post_status = 'publish'
      and post_type = 'post'
      and post_date_gmt like '2017%'
      group by date_format(post_date_gmt, '%m');

    As to this year, we’ll see how it goes. I hope at least to keep the frequency reasonably high. And improve both code and table formatting.