This is a ‘now page’, as described here. It’s a whole movement kinda thing.

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Since early February 2022, I’ve been working for Civica, a British company that provides software and services to local and central government entities, and increasingly to private-sector companies too. I’m on a project for a client in the payment card industry.

Oddly, despite being employed as Java programmer, I find myself doing no Java programming at all, but instead working on CI/CD (that’s continuous integration/continuous delivery) using a language called Terraform.

But it’s building tools to help other developers, which is something I’ve always enjoyed, so it suits me.


I finished my MA — my thesis was a 15,00 word extract from my novel-in-progress plus a 3000 word preface — in September of 2021. I passed with a merit, and graduated in May.

The novel continues. As of the end of October it’s at over 60,000 words. I’m not doing NaNoWriMo this November. If I had finished the novel, I might conceivably have done NaNo to start a new one, but this one I’m expecting to bring in around 80,000.