@JohnPhilpin I’m reading it on Micro.blog (or technically Gluon). Does that mean it’s all OK?

I’ll watch out for deja vu. And knowing kung fu.

@Miraz Oh yes, very much. I watched it when it first came out, then did a big rewatch back in 2015 or 2016 when I got the DVD box set. I loved it all over again, and was surprised by how much I didn't remember.

And there are still some of the spinoffs that I've never got round to, like Crusade.

Must be about time for another rewatch.

@Miraz Cool. Is this your first time, or a rewatch?

@stefp Wait, there’s a time of year when they stop that?

@hutaffe Nice one!

@hutaffe I hadn't come across the term, and I don't object to them happening.

I don't like them in this common form, because of the 'with no explanation' clause. I want an explanation: i want to know why you like it, what you think about it. For as broad a meaning of 'you' as you like.

@danielpunkass Thank you! The same people must not have told me about it.

@danielpunkass Album? Book? TV show?

@restlesslens That makes complete sense.

@mmetcalfe Yes, that would be great. You can get me on martin@devilgate.org.

@mmetcalfe Cool, is that where you work? I should pop in and say hello.

@mmetcalfe Office of what?

@circustiger Lovely piece.

@artkavanagh @JohnPhilpin Well strangely that article makes my opinion of Carter lower. I always thought he was one of the better US presidents of my lifetime. But extreme deregulation and arming what-would-become-the-Taliban are not great looks. IMHO.

@danj I think it might prove to be his greatest creation.

@gr36 That’s a good term. I hadn’t heard it before.

@alexink That’s exactly what I think! I’d like to get one, but what image?

@jayeless Ironically it was frustration with Indiekit that was the last straw that made me stop running my own site and go all in on Micro.blog.

@circustiger Probably ‘Starman’, but there are so many to choose from!

@circustiger That’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

@hollie Well done you, but… they still make whiteout? And give it to you at the post office?!?!

@RianVDM oh god, I hated DVD menus. Why did they always loop an annoying snatch of music? Just show me the options and shut up!

@leeS The thing I most want to know is: how did you get Siri to use a Scottish voice? I use the Irish option, but I’ve never seen Scottish.

@JohnPhilpin @billbennettnz I had fish & chips and mushy peas last night.

@JMaxB 12AM and 12PM are both meaningless, or at least always confusing. People should say noon or midnight. 12:00 of course means noon, and midnight is 00:00, but you can't say those with AM or PM.