@josephaleo Yeah, I was about to ask that too.

@meandering It amuses me that this text appears (for me) above ‘6:59am’.

@agilelisa Thanks, I’ll be intrigued.

@agilelisa How are you finding Ithaca? I loved her The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August and Touch, but I couldn't finish 84k, because I found the world she conjured so unpleasant.

I'm a bit scared to try her again, though I admire her.

@asaj@mastodon.scot Hangouts is actually the name I couldn’t remember. We used it at my work in the 2010s. It was fine.

@asaj@mastodon.scot Sure, or later Google GroupMeetSee or whatever they were calling it that month.

@asaj@mastodon.scot Yes indeedy! It was good, and as you say, we didn't do it before 2020. But why not?

@manton They also seem to have invented a new word: “violative”.

@Annie That’s beautiful.

@annahavron You can’t eat it if you don’t have it in the first place.

@asaj@types.pl Ah, yes, thanks. I’m already following you there, too.

@canion I see what you mean: you could have a lot more than that.

@asaj@types.pl Wait, what’s your right account, then? I want to see your Doctor Who stuff.

@help On a related note, is there a way to delete categories in bulk? I brought over my tags from my old system, and now there are far too many of them to work as Micro.blog categories.

@devilgate Oh god, that poster. I hadn't seen it full size before!

@manton Yeah, the text did come through.

@manton Hmm. OK, I can do that. But there was also some HTML that appears to have been stripped out of the post on the timeline. Specifically, the words ‘The OA’ are surrounded by <cite> tags. It correctly renders in italics on my site, but not above.

@devilgate Also why does my link not appear in my post on the timeline, when it does on my site? @manton

@colinwalker Hey, welcome back. I’m glad you’re getting the help you need.

@Scrafford Cmd+Ctrl+P will bring it up

@JohnPhilpin Ah, I see. I was visualising something along the lines of four page-images to a physical page, like those versions of the OED you used to get that came with a magnifying glass.

I find that JKR's pages turn fast, no matter how many there are.

@SimonWoods Yeah, but as I wrote back then, you do have to clap!

@JohnPhilpin What do you mean by quad pages? I don’t remember anything weird, and I just reread it in the last couple of months.

@mmetcalfe Well they seem to be compatible, in that there's a way to follow Mastodon accounts from here, and to let people on Mastodon follow your Micro.blog account. So I think it really is the way.

@JohnPhilpin Though having read a bit more, maybe setting up a Mastodon server is easy enough to be considered intermediate.