@neilbruder @jean And The Morning Show (though season 3 is not shaping up to be as good as the first two).

@hollie 😆Indeed not. My guess is that a UX designer at Apple would say the alarm and the timer are different things. Different functions, whatever.

But I agree it’s confusing. I know I’ve hit the wrong one (the one I didn’t mean to hit) often enough.

@hollie I quite understand your point. Maybe the two screens should be laid out differently.

I think the idea is that the big orange button is the ‘default’ action: what would happen if you pressed Return on a keyboard-based system. And it’s the thing most people would most often want.

Which matches my preferences, but not yours, so it should probably be an option.

@hollie I think it's right: you most often want to stop a timer; you most often want to snooze an alarm. Well, I do, anyway.

@markslater Sounds vaguely familiar. I wasn’t expecting an instrumental.

@markslater I don’t think I know Candy Dulfer. And if I’ve seen The Lost Boys, it’s so long ago that I don’t remember it.

@help @devilgate Never mind, I found out how! (Click on the link on the redirect page and you get an editing screen.)

@help Is it possible to edit or delete redirects in Micro.blog? I have one that is wrong.

@garciabuxton That is utterly beautiful!

@asaj Is it because the first is infinitely more readable?

@thatkruegergirl That's a great one. I hope you enjoy it.

@hutaffe That's interesting. When I used to use CVS and then Subversion, I mainly did it using the IDE I used (Eclipse). But when I switched to Git I made the conscious choice to only use the command line. Because: all the examples and instructions you find online, they show you the commands.

I used to have to translate CVS commands into what Eclipse called the same functionality. It could be quite confusing.

@asaj I hope you got off the road in less time than they took.

@asaj I’ve never read Fables, but reading that, I’m reminded of Alan Moore’s remark at a long-ago Albacon: “DC are utter vermin

@renevanbelzen @meandering Ha! Keeping to the laws of physics has never been a requirement of Doctor Who!

@renevanbelzen I don't think it contains the supernova, just sort of… links to it. As I recall, Omega's antimatter universe/black hole/whatever it was powers all the TARDISes.

@mbkriegh Well, it seems that the confusing naming of VU albums continues. According to this page it's a 2017 reissue. But if you look at the track listing, and especially the comments, it's not a reissue of Live 1969. This is the Wikipedia entry for that album, with the terrible cover that I have.

From the comments, what your photo shows might be a compilation of the albums VU and Another View that came out in the eighties, and were themselves compilations of unreleased tracks, outtakes, etc.

But it's hard to be sure.

@mbkriegh Is that the live 1969 album, or something else? I’ve never seen that cover, or indeed, that photo of them, and I’ve been a fan since about 1982.

Which is a lot closer to 1969 than it is to today!

@cstross @AlisonW @bittersweetdb Also 'vac' for 'vacation' is (as far as I know) Oxbridge-specific. We certainly didn't use it when I was at uni in Edinburgh some 40 years ago.

@KimberlyHirsh Great idea, but… what is a bookish shirt?

@dave So are you using a private API? They must be making it available in some form if you’re able to get it, and it sounds like a bit of a privacy violation.

Unless you’re just getting it from the app on your own machine, in which case, fine; but that would only know about your own follows.

@odd Belonging to more than one Elvis would be Elvises’.

My point is that the S-apostrophe construction should only be used for plural possessives, not for possessives for words that happen to end in S.

@elaine1helen Quite the reverse! Correcting my typos is a help.

@chrislott @asaj Yeah, fair enough. I obviously failed to see it, too.

@chrisod It took a lot more than ten minutes! You must not have read all the notes. But you're right, it was definitely worth the time.