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Me in 2020

Martin McCallion

I write stories, blog posts, and so on. I live in Hackney, London. Right now I’m looking for a new job in software development. I’ll usually answer email, but I prefer not to get phone calls.

What I’m Talking About Today

No posts yet today. See my blog for the latest.

This Site, and Me

The main purpose of this site is to hold my blog, but here’s a bit more about me.

I’m Martin McCallion. I’m a software developer and a writer.

As a programmer, right now, in summer 2020, I’m looking for work. My CV is here. I’m full-stack Java developer with experience in writing RESTful services, automated testing, devops, and working in agile teams. I also know Python and some JavaScript.

I can do freelance/contract work — my company for that is Tin Lion Software Limited — but I’m equally happy in a permanent role, as long as it has interesting challenges.

See here for more about my programming history.

As to writing: I blog, I write fiction, I write technical documents. I’m toying with the idea of journalism.

More about my writing story, including technical writing, here.


Here are some links to my CV/Résumé and Social Media: