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Me in 2021

Martin McCallion

I write stories, blog posts, and so on. I live in Hackney, London. Right now I’m looking for a new job and working on completing a novel, having recently finished studying for a Masters in Creative Writing.

What I’m Talking About Today

No posts yet today. See my blog for the latest.

This Site, and Me

I’m Martin McCallion. I’m a writer and a software developer. From October 2020 through to September 2021 I was studying for a Masters in Creative Writing at Birkbeck, University of London.

I got my MA (should graduate in April) and recently started a new job. I’m back in software development. I’d love to make my living by writing, but that’s a hard path. Still, the novel continues.


Here are some links to my CV/Résumé and Social Media: