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You can get my posts automatically in the following ways:


You can have my posts emailed to you using the form below. This uses open-source software called Mailman. You’ll get an email asking you to confirm that you want to join the list. I don’t collect any information other than your email address and, optionally, your name. My emails don’t include any form of tracking.


Sign up to get my posts by email

If you use (or would like to start using it — it’s a social network made of blogs, and gives you a blog of your very own if you don’t have one), you can follow me there.


If you follow me on Twitter (@devilgate), everything I post here is automatically tweeted there.

Web Feeds (RSS and others)

Or add my feed to a feed reader. Don’t know about feeds? Here’s a good introduction.

All my posts are crossposted to ‘The Bitface Remote‘, at If you have a account you can follow me there.