Tempted to register one of the many available domains using “chuntering from a sedentary position.” It would be a John Bercow fan site, of course.

    Do you ever listen to the start of Blonde On Blonde and want to know more about the Rainy Day Women numbers 0 to 11, 13 to 34, and maybe even 36 and beyond?

    Dan Baird & Crimes Against Typography.

    I’ve been in Parliament Square more times in the last few months than previously in my life. Back again tonight.

    Iain Blackford speaking well as usual, but he could bring it to a close now. Leave them wanting more, and all that.

    The BBC Parliament channel’s sound is disturbingly out of sync at the moment. And at such a critical time.

    Autumn approaching in South London.

    An tree turning from green to gold in South London

    A bike with a bright red plastic front basket parked on a kickstand next a black telephone box on a London street

    Darn, last post slightly too long for Twitter, and I forgot to tag it. #RevokeA50, as if it needed to be said. Petition here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584.

    I see our old friend the Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU petition now has over 6.1 million signatures. Parliament has already debated it in a cursory way, but it’s worth getting its numbers up before it expires on the 20th. So give it a sign if you haven’t already.

    I’m musing on whether or not to keep the holiday beard. Two weeks in Greece almost over. Home tomorrow.

    Sometimes you just put on Combat Rock, and you are reminded of how awesome it is.

    You should be watching Russel T Davies’s Years and Years. This thread nails it:

    It’s scary because life is scary sometimes. People are brilliant, maddening, contradictory, and full of love.


    I’m dying to find out what happened, but scared to watch at the same time.

    I don’t know when I last sat down to watch a Scotland-England football match. Indeed, I don’t know when there last was a Scotland-England match. It used to be every year with the Home Internationals, but that was long ago. Quite looking forward to this, though.

    So it’s quite clear: UKIP/Brexit Party on much the same as five years ago. Many switching from Tories and Labour to Lib Dems and Greens. Change UK have, at best, split the remain vote.

    Not the big swing some are making out. #EuropeElects

    Based on the stats they just put up on the BBC, the pro- and anti-Brexit groupings have 35% of the vote each. That’s not counting Labour or the Tories, of course, because their votes don’t give a clear picture. #EuropeElects

    If the Brexit Party are “up 3″ seats, and UKIP down 3 seats: that’s no change, in reality. #EuropeElects

    Hey broadcasters: add up the remain totals and compare that with the Brexit party’s numbers. #EuropeElects

    Five years ago I tweeted this:

    Five fucking years. Back when the F-word national disgrace was just a bad joke.

    Note that I’m deliberately avoiding using his name.

    People in the UK should watch out for dodgy emails pretending to be from “TV Licensing”. I got one from an email of support@servereurcom.com, telling me to “update your account” at tv-license.tk/redirect.php.

    Mark as spam, delete. On no circumstances click the link or reply.

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