Just been for a bike ride. I think I’ve forgotten how my legs work.

    Lots of people out, mostly keeping their distance.

    Down to the Olympic Park. Nice view of the Orbit.

    Some thoughts on using Instapaper, from Dan J: Doubling Down on Instapaper – Dan J’s IndieWeb Headquarters.

    Quite similar to my own experience (though with more note-taking).

    It’s filling up a bit. And the DJ’s playing the 101ers, so that’s good.

    At the Red Lion in Leytonstone, where Glen Matlock is playing tonight. It’s… not busy.

    Deviate. Hesitate. Repeat. 😟

    I joined the Fabian Society recently, mainly so I’d get a vote in the Labour leadership election (I’m not rejoining Labour, at least for a while). So today I’m at the FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference 2020. Or #FEPSFAB20, as they’d like us to tweet.

    I ate the last piece of our Christmas cake today. Christmas is now definitively over. If there was ever any doubt of that.

    Enjoying Moffat and Gatiss’s Dracula. The end of episode 2 takes a surprising turn.

    I don’t know if online petitions do much good, really, but with Trump trying to drag America into yet another war in the Middle East, the very least we can do is try to stop the UK from getting involved.

    Live rickrolling on the Hootenany! Happy New Year, everyone.

    At the cinema. The Rise of Skywalker will start any minute.

    It’s 4 in the morning and Gove is telling lies on the telly. This has become masochism — actually it did several hours ago — I’ll just listen to wee Nicola, and then go to bed.

    Jeez, Jo Swinson loses by 149, in my old stomping grounds. Actually I think the constituency was West Dunbartonshire wherein I grew up, but close enough.

    I think Corbyn’s stepping down (as he should) — or maybe it’s only at the next General Election? Strange phrasing.

    Ed Miliband’s still around? And he just scraped back into his seat.

    It’s not too late to vote, folks. Half an hour to get down to your polling station, get the Tories out, and stop Brexit.

    Have reached Watchmen episode 6. Getting strong Babylon 5 vibes.

    Why is it two different temperatures at the same time in London?

    Corbyn is saying that Johnson is trying to “hijack” Brexit and turn it into a right-wing project — “Thatcherism on steroids”. That’s not hijacking; that’s what it always was.

    Where, and in what direction, am I meant to slide? Because I can’t get past this screen in the iPhone camera app “Manual.”

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