I got a reply to the Twitter version of my last post which pointed me to something called the Badger Seal. It’s a DIY attachment you can make that’s meant to hold masks on better. Not just at the top for the glasses issue, but all around, for overall better filtration.

Because let’s face it, when we breathe out with a mask on, a lot of that breath is not going through the mask, but round the sides.

It looks like it might be pretty effective, but making it looks like a hassle – or at least, getting the components. It needs something called ‘foam wire,’ which I’ve never heard of, and I don’t know if you can even get it in this country (a quick search at B&Q’s site suggests not). But if you can, it’s likely to be in a big roll, when all you want is 30cm or so per mask.

Not to put a downer on good ideas, I mean. That site sells them too, but they’re heavily back ordered, and who knows how long they’ll take to get here from the US.

There are other, similar, things out there, but I can’t so far find anything sourced in the UK.

I’ll stick with micropore for now.