Well, midnight on the 31st of October is fast rolling round. We're not long back from a week in the Highlands of Scotland (very wet, but great, thanks). It'll soon be the 1st of November, which means two things this year.

  1. We'll be able to buy Mitch Benn's mighty 'I'm Proud of the BBC' in downloadable single format. So head off and do that now, and help it to chart. I'll wait.

    Actually, it’s not yet midnight as I type, and I’ve just downloaded it.

  2. NaNoWriMo is about to start. I'm having a go this year. Wish me luck.

    I last tried it in 2004, which is much longer ago than I thought. I sort of had a half-hearted poke at it last year, but soon stopped. I’m hoping that expressing my intention in public like this will help to keep me going.

    We’ll see, of course.

    I see that the approaching start has brought the NaNoWriMo site to its knees. Oh well. Hopefully they'll get things back together.