Thirteen years ago we had champagne ready for the overall majority (though we opened it when Portillo's seat went). This year might look more like what Warren Ellis says:

Shopping list for watching the election tomorrow night: beer, nuts, whisky, methadone, humane cow-killing bolt gunWed May 05 19:52:55 via web

More sensibly, my friend Stuart says:

I'm not voting for them but if Labour lose, its supporters should take heart from the fact that the UK is better than it was in 97 #ge10Wed May 05 19:24:56 via TweetDeck

which is a good point. Britain’s not broken; it never was. Just its electoral system.

Here’s something I said about that a while ago:

Hey, the Tories: Society _isn't_ broken, and if it is, it's partly the fault of your witch-queen & her regime.Tue Sep 30 16:37:55 +0000 2008 via Echofon

I’m having fun with this tweet-embedding thing.