Further to yesterday’s post, I have to express extreme, pleased surprise and respect at how well the tax return site worked. After my post yesterday I tried again, but went back a few extra steps. I think the fact that I couldn’t get back directly to the page I’d been on was due to some wrinkle with the HTML form that the page was using. I went back to the start and went forward again; all the data I had entered was still there (apart from on the page I was on when there was a server problem, but that was easy to re-key).

I finished entering the rest of my data (after spending more time than I should have had to tracking down some of the documents I needed) and got to the end, and pressed the button saying, “Calculate my tax”.

That’s when I got the biggest (and pleasantest) surprise of all: it seems they owe me two hundred and twenty quid!

As a socialist, of course, I approve of paying your taxes; though like anyone, I wasn’t looking forward to the possibility of having to pay some extra. But I never imagined for a a second that I’d get a refund.

Thing is, I don’t even understand why.

Who’d have thought that doing your taxes could be both so easy and so lucrative?