Corona Vu

    This article was in yesterday’s Independent. I felt like I had travelled back in time to last May:

    Crucially, the report, which was written by independent experts, concludes that NHS guidelines failed to consider airborne infection, a key way the virus is transmitted.

    – Sean Russel in the Independent, NHS Covid guidelines ‘fundamentally flawed’ and need replacing, says nursing union

    It further says:

    But research now suggests that airborne transmission – where tiny droplets of saliva from people talking, calling out or coughing can remain suspended in the air – can be a particular problem in poorly-ventilated rooms.

    – As above, Independent article

    ‘Now’? Research now suggests that it’s airborne? We’ve known that since at least June of last year. In fact, I first posted about masks, and about going out with a rudimentary one, in early April!

    How can NHS guidelines be so ludicrously far from what we understand? It would be comically far if it wasn’t so serious.