Hackney, this evening.

    Hackney's latest piece of gentrification: comics

    Dreyfuss cafe and Raygun Comics, Hackney The latest in Hackney's gentrification: we have a comics shop

    The latest step in Hackney’s gentrification. Dreyfus café has been open for a while, but just a few weeks ago we got a new arrival next to it: a comics shop, by the delightful name of Raygun.

    Missing Months

    I missed all of December. On this blog, that is. No posts at all. V bad. And nearly missed January as well.

    But not quite. Here’s a photo to remind us what January’s weather has been like.

    And I’ve just done my tax return.

    Welcome to the end of the first month of 2014.

    Hackney Sunset

    Sunset in Clapton, February 2013

    This is the sky at sunset in Hackney just the other day. Kind of remarkable, don’t you think? Click on the the picture for a bigger version on Flickr.