I phone, you phone

    So, I've got an iPhone. I walked into the O2 shop near work the other day, and came out half an hour later with an 8 GB phone and a £30-a-month contract.

    The device itself is a thing of beauty, in both hardware and software terms.

    iTunes, however, is an ugly piece of dingbat’s kidneys.

    Don’t get me wrong: it does its thing well, from playing music, through purchases, to synchronisation. But my god, it looks ugly.

    And nor do I like the way it presents the music it knows about; but then, I’ve never seen an application that does that very well.

    As to typing with the on-screen keyboard, well, it’s actually not that bad; it’s never going to. Be fast, bit there are some smart optimisations, like automatically switching back from the symbol keyboard to the letter one when you hit space after a comma, or immediately after you type an apostrophe.

    And I almost cry with happiness every time I see the transition from one app to another.

    ETA: As you can see from the typoes above, I wrote that on the shiny device. I’ll leave them in for posterity.