confirmation dialogue


    The other day I was explaining to my daughter why I thought a second referendum would be right and democratic. I reached for an analogy, and came up with the idea that you don’t (usually) do something as serious as deleting a file without getting a confirmation dialogue to confirm that you really mean to go ahead.

    So now I’m planning on making a banner with some version of the image below for the “Put it to the People” march on Saturday. Just trying to perfect the wording. All suggestions gratefully considered.

    Text saying 'All we want is a confirmation dialogue' above a dialogue box with leave and remain options

    Not shown: my Unix-based joke alternative, which would be something like:

    # Leavers be all like:
    rm -rf britains-special-place-in-the-eu/

    Though maybe “Abort, Retry, Fail” would be more in keeping with the times.