Day Trip

    We had a wee day trip to Cambridge yesterday (Monday). Lovely city. I took some photographs. They're so small and unlinked because, I think, I'm experimenting with a plugin for Lightroom that uploads them directly to the blog. But I have a few wrinkles to iron out, I think. There are bigger versions of them [at my Flickr account](, if you're interested.

    First, some punters punting on the Cam:

    Then the famous King’s College Chapel.  More of a cathedral, really:

    This wee guy looks decidedly unhappy:

    There’s a pair of war memorials in a side chapel.  A famous name at position 2 of the WWI one:

    There’s plenty of stained glass, of course, but in another side chapel we see this interesting creature:

    Then on to Trinity College Chapel, where Isaac Newton stands in marble:

    Here’s a closeup of Newton.  I can’t work out what he’s holding:

    And above him there’s this rather attractive chandelier and dramatic ceiling: