Words Matter. Phrasing Matters

On the BBC Radio 3 news this morning:

As part of the Brexit extension process, Britain is obliged to take part in the EU elections.

Instead of making it sound like a burden is being placed upon us, how about saying something like:

As part of the European Union’s democratic processes, Britain, like all member states, enjoys the right to hold elections for members of the European Parliament.

How you express things affects how people think about them.

Words Matter. Phrasing Matters

Job Changing

I started at SAHSU in Imperial College London in March of last year. I finished there today. Well, yesterday: today was my last day of employment, but I had holiday entitlement to use up. It was a fixed-term contract for a year initially, and they were able to extend it by a month or so, but there was no more funding, and without funding, no job.

So I’m job-hunting again. I had an interview yesterday, and they’ve asked me back for another one next week. I have one with another company next week too, so there are jobs out there. I just need to find the right one.

So if you happen to know of anyone who’s looking for an experienced Java developer with a side-order of Python, and various other skills, point them my way.

Job Changing

Not to make a political point from today’s black-hole news — I would never do a thing like that — but isn’t it great what humans can accomplish when we collaborate between nations?

Far better than, say, building walls between nations, or breaking international treaties.


EU Citizens

It’s sad when even pro-European organisations get things wrong about us.

Last week I signed up for, and tweeted about, a programme designed to encourage people to vote in the EU parliamentary elections:

Today I got an email from “This Time I’m Voting,” containing the following text:

If you are one of the 3.5 million EU nationals still living here in the UK

Therefore, whether you are British or an EU citizen

Last time I looked there are around 67 million EU nationals living in the UK. At least until next week, and hopefully for a long time after that. I mean, that’s kind of the point of this whole struggle we’re having, isn’t it?

The fact that (some) people in the UK fail to identify as EU citizens is partly what has got us into this mess.

EU Citizens

New passport arrived. The proper, dignified burgundy colour.

That’s me set as an EU citizen till 2029.

That’s how it works, right?

A European Union/UK passport