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Professionally, I’ve been a programmer since 1987. Before that I learned programming at University and school. My main language is Java, though I have a lot of experience in RPG and CL on the IBM System i range and its predecessors.

As well as that I know some JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and I’ve picked up a smattering of Python. I'm currently learning Swift.

My professional background is in financial software, though I’m interested in expanding beyond that field.

Strictly speaking my title is “Senior Software Engineer,” but I’m a little sceptical about the use of that term for those of us who have no formal engineering training.

You can find more details of my career history at my Stack Overflow or LinkedIn profiles. Or see my CV.

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I blog here, and write fiction in my spare time. But I’m a capable technical writer too. It’s not formally part of my job, but I think any programmer needs to be able to communicate clearly in writing.