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My Writing Story

Creative Writing

I’ve been writing fiction for years, but without much success. Or maybe without enough drive to pursue success. In autumn 2020 I started studying for a Masters in Creative Writing. My hope is that doing the MA will both improve my writing and open up new opportunities.

Blogging and Technical Writing

I blog here, and I’m a capable technical writer too. I think any programmer needs to be able to communicate clearly in writing, and I have written sections of manuals for both technical staff and end-users, as well as making major contributions to internal wikis.

For some other examples of my more technically-oriented writing, see Pass-By-Reference Problem When Using Websphere Application Server, or Some Thoughts On Software Development on my blog.


In spring 2020 I started a distance-learning course in journalism. From that I learned that I didn’t want to be a journalist. There are some journalism-like pieces that I want to write, though.