@JohnPhilpin Well, consider the fact that some of her questions are deceptively smart, confusing or stumping the experts who (gamely, or unknowingly, I wonder) join her.

@jack I do understand that. I've had the same feeling. "If X likes this so much, it must be good; what am I missing?"

@jack Why? I don't know the book, but if you disliked it so much, what make you want to read it again?

@JohnPhilpin it’s utterly brilliant.

@starrwulfe Nice one! I knew there were other uses, but only that one came to mind. It’s just a jump to the left.

@fahrni The blockquote is better when it's an actual block, so I think it's better here. Style guides sometimes have a length limit for how many words it should be before you switch from inline.

@starrwulfe Yes! Good one. And now I've got The Rocky Horror Picture Show in my head. Which is good.

@manton Yes, I did. Deleted now.

@manton I probably do. Let me check.

@devilgate Aaargh, look, @manton, once again I posted with Sunlit, and the photo isn’t in the timeline. This time I originated the post in Sunlit, rather than sharing to it. Same story, the photo is on my site and crossposted, but not visible in the timeline, for me, at least.

@JohnPhilpin I could probably have read more on Medium, jut I didn’t bother to log in.

@JohnPhilpin Saw a lot of Haque hate before Medium shut me down, but the only thing from him went on and on and on without getting to a point before I stopped.

His tweets seem very bleak, though.

@JohnPhilpin Links? Or am I going to have to google him, like an animal?

@odd Oh, I see.

@odd It doesn’t reveal anything extra here (Micro.blog app on iPhone).

@cogsciapps Started filling that in, but all those mandatory text fields made me not finish it.

@pimoore I wouldn’t go to always, but certainly with some combos. Pepperoni, for example.

@colinwalker If this is meant to be a true XML namespace, shouldn’t you specify its URI?

The bit before the colon is only a shorthand for the ‘true’ namespace, which is a URI-style string (though it doesn’t have to point to an actual document). Unless things have changed a lot since I read up on them several years back.

@pimoore I love that, on Micro.blog, escalating quickly means coffee enema jokes, not (what we used to call) a flamewar.

@JohnPhilpin I've disabled the auto-updating thing. But I don't remember it ever opening at startup. Just the updater, which, as I say, I've disabled. System Settings, Login Items, toggle 'Google Updater' off.

@rknightuk That's fair. I have mixed feelings about giving things ratings. I only do it on Letterboxed because they're there, so it kind of encourages you to leave them.

@rknightuk That’s great. Maybe allow half stars, like Letterboxd?

@devilgate @help The post I’m replying to has a photo, but I don’t see it in the timeline.

Also, I twice tried to make this post by sharing from Photos on iOS to Sunlit, and the posts never appeared. I made this one by sharing to the Micro.blog app.

@adders Thank you! That’s surprising. I wonder how you’re supposed to know which is which…

@crossingthethreshold I would not have recognised that as Lydon’s voice.