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Global Frequency: Planet Ablaze/Detonation Radio, by Warren Ellis and Various Artists (Books 2007, 18)

I’ve been wanting to try something by Ellis for a while, and this turned up in the local library. Global Frequency is an International Rescue for the 21st century. Instead of giant Thunderbirds machines, though, they have the internet and satphones and 1001 Lady Penelopes: there’s always someone with a suitable skill near enough to any incident to rush to help.

The mysterious Miranda Zero takes a much more active role than Jeff Tracy ever did, and an incredible multitasking woman code-named Aleph manages everything from Thunderbird 5. Err, control.

it’s good, but not _that_ good. I think perhaps it suffers from being read in collected volumes: I might have appreciated it more if I had had to wait a month for each episode.