I just read the phrase “staying under the rule of Brussels” in a foolish article. Instead it should read, “Continuing to contribute to the rule of Europe,” if you want it in terms of ruling. “Continuing to share in Europe’s future development,” to be more about cooperation.


Our Prime Minister is either lying or deranged. From The Guardian’s live updates:

Labour’s Phil Wilson asks May if she can say, “hand on heart”, that this deal is better than what the UK has now.

May says she firmly believes the UK’s best days are ahead.

Or avoiding the issue: “best days ahead” could be looking ten, twenty years ahead. You know, when we rejoin the EU.


Oh, yes, that will most certainly do. A very strong start for both Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker. And, indeed the whole team.

And a cliffhanger ending! What!?