Messing around with the blog

I’m trying out a different theme on here for a while, along with a WordPress Plugin called QuickPost .

Both the plugin and the theme are supposed to make WordPress be usable a bit like “Tumblr”: There are a number of flaws, though. The theme (“Tumble-Hybrid”: by “Tribe”: is perhaps a bit too simple. I’m all for a clean, simple look, but this might have gone too far.

And the plugin doesn’t allow for a preview before posting (as well as not working properly with Flickr, though presumably that will be fixed in due course).

Edit: No, that won’t do at all. One or other of them disabled comments and lost the title (even though “Allow Comments” is ticked, and the title appears, in the main editor.

I suppose the thinking is that, for something quick and dirty you don’t want comments or titles, but I do. Even “Tumblr has titles”:, if not comments.

Edit 2: Well, a bit of CSS hacking sorted that out. But posting photos isn’t working at all as I would expect. That may be to do with the fact that I’ve never really dealt with posting images before, though, rather than the plugin or theme.

Messing around with the blog