Tales From the Bitface (Posts about rethinking)https://devilgate.org/enContents © 2020 <a href=”mailto:martin@devilgate.org”>Martin McCallion</a> Thu, 11 Jun 2020 11:57:46 GMTNikola (getnikola.com)http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rssFootnotes Revisitedhttps://devilgate.org/blog/2017/03/02/footnotes-revisited/Martin McCallion<p>Having looked again over <a href=”http://devilgate.org/blog/2017/03/01/under-the-television-skies/”>yesterday’s piece</a>, I’ve had a slight change of heart.</p> <p>As I’m sure you noticed, I made a comment in the footnote to the effect that I thought that my misremembering of <cite>Neuromancer</cite>‘s famous opening line was better than the actual one. I no longer think that’s the case.</p> <p>Gibson obviously knew what he was doing. “The sky above the port” is more euphonious than my “over the port.”</p> <p>Glad we got that sorted out.</p> BooksfootnotesNeuromancerrethinkingWilliam Gibsonhttps://devilgate.org/blog/2017/03/02/footnotes-revisited/Thu, 02 Mar 2017 23:51:26 GMT