Some More Bitface Thoughts

Something I forgot to mention yesterday was that I thought the "bitface" term was useful not just to refer to people who manipulate bits for a living (or hobby) -- programmers, like myself. It can also work to discuss anyone who makes digital content: websites, blogs, podcasts, videos, photos, and so on. We're all moving…

Hackney’s latest piece of gentrification: comics

Dreyfuss cafe and Raygun Comics, Hackney
The latest in Hackney’s gentrification: we have a comics shop

The latest step in Hackney’s gentrification. Dreyfus cafĂ© has been open for a while, but just a few weeks ago we got a new arrival next to it: a comics shop, by the delightful name of [Raygun](

The Scented City

We spent a few days in Cologne over Easter. I took lots of photographs. Here are two that have had some tweaking in Lightroom. I'm especially pleased with the second one. The effect is almost like an impressionist painting to my eye. [caption id="cologne1" align="alignnone" width="518"] Cologne by night; a funfair across the Rhine.[/caption] [caption…

Day Trip

We had a wee day trip to Cambridge yesterday (Monday). Lovely city. I took some photographs. They're so small and unlinked because, I think, I'm experimenting with a plugin for Lightroom that uploads them directly to the blog. But I have a few wrinkles to iron out, I think. There are bigger versions of them…

Olympics: some photos from the Park

Olympics 1, a set on Flickr; click to see the whole set. This is a Flickr set of some sights around the Olympic Park the first day we were there (which was just a Park visit; no events). (I lied about [not posting photos](, by the way.)