Obama in Your Ears

I listen to a fair number of podcasts, but I only recently learned that David Axelrod has one now. Axelrod was Barack Obama's chief strategist and then Senior Advisor. On a recent episode of his podcast, The Axe Files, he interviewed Barack Obama, during his last few days as president. They're friends, so it's not…

Thanks, Obama (for Real)

Chelsea Manning, the US army soldier who became one of dthe most prominent whistleblowers in modern times when she exposed the nature of modern warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan, and who then went on to pay the price with a 35-year military prison sentence, is to be freed in May as a gift of outgoing president Barack Obama.

From The Guardian

Nice one. Next, pardon Snowden?

Yes you can!

Congratulations, America! "Great news":http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/nov/05/uselections2008-barackobama4. Obama's speech was fantastic, and McCain's was very dignified. Unfortunately, there is one piece of bad news: Stephen Fry "tweets":http://twitter.com/stephenfry/status/991361168 that California's Proposition 8 has passed. It outlaws same-sex marriage, and is a "nasty, bigoted piece of work":http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/2008/11/a_revolting_proposition.html. I can't find any official news on it at the moment, though, so…

Worrier president

There's a Warren Zevon song called 'Worrier King'. It contains the line, 'I've been up all night, worrying what November's gonna bring.' Given that US elections are always In that month, there's little doubt what he was worrying about. If Warren had lived he'd be worrying now, and I have a shrewd idea in which…