Blogging the Bitface, 2018 Style

Like last year, I present the figures for my blogging in 2018. 163 posts in total, counting this one, broken up as follows.

Month Posts
Jan 20
Feb 13
Mar 11
Apr 15
May 23
Jun 16
Jul 11
Aug 8
Sep 9
Oct 13
Nov 12
Dec 12

The formatting has improved, as I mentioned last time. I’m not sure what I did that made it better. The SQL is the same as before, with the obvious year change.

100 posts less1 than last year, but not bad. I’ll try for something closer to daily in 2019.

  1. Some would say that should be “fewer,” but it turns out that was never a real rule, just some guy’s choice that got locked into style guides. 
Blogging the Bitface, 2018 Style

… And a Happy New Year to All My Reader

Well, clearly no blogging happens over the Christmas and New Year period in the Devilgate household. In fact I didn’t even switch the computer on.

So we start the year without having done a review of the last one, and without even having posted all of last year’s Book Notes. I have nine (nine!) written or partially written, but unposted, mini book reviews, that I’ll try to put up over the next few days. Perhaps I should slap them all together into one, but that would really be too big, and would make it harder to find things in future. So Book Notes 2006 entries will keep on appearing for a while yet.

And since I’ve made myself a New Year’s resolution to write every day, I hope to be making considerably more posts in general than last year. We’ll see.

I hope everyone had a fine Christmas or other winter festival, and an equally good start to the New Year.

… And a Happy New Year to All My Reader