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Missing Dates

I’ve just noticed that this WordPress theme I’m using, Independent Publisher, doesn’t show dates and times of posts. And as a side effect it doesn’t have permalinks for posts without titles (the datestamp should be the permalink in that case).

How can this be? Has it always been like this and I just haven’t noticed? I hate sites that don’t have dates on posts.

One way or another, this will have to change.

The Ramones were the first band I saw when I came to London, and I’ve seen them several other times. I’ve just been listening to a couple of early albums, and they’re still so good. Now sad that I’ll never see them live again.

Go and see bands live when you can.

12,120 words so far. And a sure sign that I’m getting close to finishing this novel: today I started thinking about what I’ll write next. The total word count is 85,700. I didn’t start a new one this month.

If FaceID comes to the Mac, with its attention detection, will we ever get what I’ve always wanted: “Focus Follows View”? Keystrokes should affect the window I’m looking at, not the one I last clicked in. Would be great.

1200 words today. I’m slipping back a bit. At this rate I’ll finish on 3rd December, it tells me. Still, I’m ahead of anywhere I’ve been before at this time in the month.