“Thread” Dread

I don’t mind people posting a tweetstorm, wherein they have a lot to say and do so via a series of linked tweets. I think there are better ways to do it; better places to host medium-length pieces of writing,1 but whatever works for you.

And of course I don’t mind other people tweeting a link to the top of the thread and urging others to read it.

But I really don’t care for the habit of doing so while saying nothing other than, “Thread.”

I mean, come on, people: if it’s worth linking to, it’s worth writing few words to tell us why you think we should read it.

This post could fit in five or six tweets. I suppose I should have posted it that way. Except #OwnYourContent.

  1. Actually the typical tweetstorm is probably still quite short. []
“Thread” Dread

Success for Micro.blog

Manton Reece’s Kickstarter campaign for Micro.blog, which I wrote about before, was successful. In fact very successful. He made his stretch goal, which means he’ll be able to employ a part-time Community Manager for the service, which should help with the kind of abuse that we’ve seen on Twitter over the years.

So congratulations to him. And as a backer I look forward to getting the devilgate username shortly.

Not that I’ll actually need a username on the site, I don’t think, as I expect to be using it to post short entries here, syndicated to Twitter. But it won’t hurt to have it. If only to stop someone else masquerading as me, like on Ebay.1

  1. OK, they’re not actually masquerading, but last time I looked (a long time ago) there was a more-or-less dormant account called devilgate, which wasn’t me. I mean, unless it was, and I had somehow set it up using an email address that I didn’t have, or something. []
Success for Micro.blog

Probably a Good Time to Download Your Twitter Archive

This Bloomberg article may not be entirely serious, but it is, you know, Bloomberg:

There’s a strange idea circulating among Mexican currency traders. Well, more of a joke really. But there’s a certain logic to it.

It goes like this: Instead of spending its precious reserves to defend the peso, Mexico should just buy Twitter Inc. — at a cost of about $12 billion — and immediately shut it down.

The idea being that it would be the easiest way to stop the Trumpet tweeting negative things about Mexico.

I don’t know, he’d just find another forum, no doubt. Shit, in a week’s time he’ll be able to put whatever he wants on Whitehouse.gov.

[T]hat the idea was even raised in jest shows how just how frustrated Mexicans are that their economy and the value of their savings are at the mercy of the seemingly random musings coming in 140-character bursts from Trump’s Twitter account. It’s a sentiment that presumably would be shared by U.S. investors in companies like, say, General Motors Co. or Lockheed Martin Corp., but in Mexico, the pain, and the accompanying despair, appear to be on a much greater scale.

A lot more than Mexico is at the mercy of those “seemingly random musings.”

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Probably a Good Time to Download Your Twitter Archive

Election Tweets ‘n’ Stuff

Thirteen years ago we had champagne ready for the overall majority (though we opened it when Portillo’s seat went). This year might look more like what Warren Ellis says:

Shopping list for watching the election tomorrow night: beer, nuts, whisky, methadone, humane cow-killing bolt gunWed May 05 19:52:55 via web

More sensibly, my friend Stuart says:

I’m not voting for them but if Labour lose, its supporters should take heart from the fact that the UK is better than it was in 97 #ge10Wed May 05 19:24:56 via TweetDeck

which is a good point. Britain’s not broken; it never was. Just its electoral system.

Here’s something I said about that a while ago:

Hey, the Tories: Society _isn’t_ broken, and if it is, it’s partly the fault of your witch-queen & her regime.Tue Sep 30 16:37:55 +0000 2008 via Echofon

I’m having fun with this tweet-embedding thing.

Election Tweets ‘n’ Stuff

Embedding Tweets

There’s a new way to embed tweets in blog posts. Here’s one of mine to try it out:

My nine-year-old daughter confuses ‘Conservative’ with ‘sinister’. Out of the mouths of babes & little children…Mon May 03 19:36:25 via Tweetie

Looks pretty cool, actually. Go to Twitter’s “[Blackbird Pie](http://media.twitter.com/blackbird-pie/)”, or get a [bookmarklet](http://publitweet.com/blog/2010/05/05/blackbird-bookmarklet-publish-a-tweet-in-html/).

Embedding Tweets