Homophobia in SF Fandom

As well as being in charge of the website of the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA), I also admin the association's Facebook group. Yesterday a member posted a link to the BBC story about the sexuality of the new companion in Doctor Who. "Doctor Who gets first openly gay companion," it says. Nice to know,…

The Night Before

I couldn't let this night pass without acknowledging that tomorrow will be the start of us losing something great. In years to come the names of Cameron, May, Farage, Gove, etc, will be reviled, of course, but that doesn't help us now. It doesn't help us prevent the slide into the abyss of small-minded, inward-looking…

Beginning of the End

A total of 47 Labour MPs voted against the Brexit bill, joining 50 SNP MPs and seven Liberal Democrats. Just one Conservative MP, Ken Clarke, joined them in the division lobbies, to applause from Labour rebels.

A fifth of Labour MPs defy three line whip to vote against article 50 bill | Politics | The Guardian

Well done to all the rebels. But really, Tories: only one? Only Ken Clarke? Is that really you doing your duty, acting in the best interests of the country?

We’re living through the death of representative democracy.

I Wrote to my MP

So the Supreme Court agreed that parliament is sovereign Good for them. Must've been a hard decision. I decided it was time to ask my MP, Diane Abbott, to do the right thing: Dear Ms Abbott, Now that the Supreme Court has made its decision, affirming parliament’s sovereignty, I strongly urge you to vote against…

The Reinvigorated Programmer on the Referendum

The Reinvigorated Programmer has some good thoughts, including blaming Star Wars: Folks: turn on your targeting computers. Use the facts.Source: Let’s Take Back Control! We Want Our Country Back! | The Reinvigorated Programmer His followup posts, about [bedfellows](https://reprog.wordpress.com/2016/06/21/why-am-i-on-the-same-side-as-cameron-and-osborne/) and [fear](https://reprog.wordpress.com/2016/06/22/addressing-the-real-project-fear-eight-things-that-terrify-the-leavers-but-shouldnt/), are also well worth a look.

More Referendum Thoughts

A few more thoughts to follow on from [last night's post](http://devilgate.org/blog/2016/06/22/referendum-thoughts/): ## Turnout Turnout is crucial. If the majority is narrow, and especially if the turnout is low, the losing side will have a very hard time accepting the result. For example, imagine if the vote goes 55% for Leave, and the turnout is only…