12:00:00: Hamilton tickets go on sale. 12:00:01: Ticketmaster site grinds to a halt.

(12:10-ish: I book six tickets!)

I just heard the harmonica on ‘Garageland’ for the first time. I’ve heard that song thousands of times over… err, nearly forty years.

These Beats X headphones are really quite good. 🎵

I’m wildly behind the TV curve, in that I’m just watching Stranger Things now. But I’ve got to say they’re killing it with the music choices.

The Fallen

2018 is working hard to be the new 2016. First Ursula Le Guin; now Mark E Smith has been taken from us. The Fall were one of the great bands, no matter what lineup. It's just sad that the last time I saw them, about two years ago, they were terrible. Sadder, of course, that…

Star Doctors

It was drawn to my attention a couple of weeks ago that I have not yet expressed (publicly) an opinion on either Star Wars: The Last Jedi or the Doctor Who Christmas special. That is both true, and very remiss of me. Trouble is it’s now been quite a while since I saw them both.…