Oh, well done, Orbit. I salute not just the publication, but the use of weapons language:

We’re thrilled that the Estate has given us permission to publish the collection, and that owing to special circumstances Ken MacLeod has agreed to join the team working on it.

You can’t leave it there, Star Trek! I mean, you totally can; it’s a great place to leave it. But when’s season 2? 🖖

I’m on an Edinburgh-London train that seemingly has no power sockets (here in coach H, next to the café, at least). What?!? What decade are we in?

Luckily, phone, iPad, headphones, and Kindle all have enough charge for the journey. And I have the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery downloaded. Off we go, then. 🖖

A year ago today I was on a train to Edinburgh. It was snowing at Peterborough.

Today I am also on a train to Edinburgh. No snow, but it’s so crowded that I can’t get to the buffet car. Well, I could, but I’d have to push my way past so many people that I can’t face it. This is why you should buy your sandwiches before you get aboard.

Why is it so crowded, though? Is there something going on that I don’t know about? Or is it something to do with the fact that Virgin run the franchise now?

I’m reminded by last year’s post (though really by Facebook: that’s one thing it’s good at) that Feb 7 is recognised by some as International Clash Day. Doesnt feel like a year, etc. 🎵 #internationalclashday

I have job news. Or I will, soon, I hope. Just waiting for some paperwork…

(OK, Mr Mysterious, that’s enough.)

Why does using psychic powers always cause nosebleeds?

(Still watching Stranger Things.) 📺