The petition has crossed the three million mark.

Rafael Behr has a great piece in The Guardian about May being finished.

It even has a Hamilton reference.


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  1. @Bruce Ooh, that’s a good question. I didn’t think it through. Following the logic, one of Donald Tusk or Jean-Claude Juncker would be Hamilton, I guess. Either way, I can’t see May as a sharpshooter. Or a sharp anything. But… if she says she’s definitely going to fire in the air… you know she isn’t.

  2. @devilgate In the musical Burr sings that he’s a terrible shot!

    On the other hand, as frustrated as they are, neither Tusk nor Juncker are going to be “dead” after Brexit. I think Hamilton has to be a sane and competent British politician. (Are there any of those left?)

    Maybe the Queen after Scotland and Northern Ireland exit back into the EU? Perhaps her kingdom will end up the same size as her namesake’s!

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