On @atpfm episode 280 @marcoarment says that playing music from your own library on Sonos is buggy. In my experience it’s flawless. And it’s what Sonos has done since before there was Apple Music or even Spotify, so it should work.


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  1. @devilgate sigh. Not to rip open old wounds, but arment’s aggressive fanboyism eventually drove me away from atp. Think it was his reaction to kapeli’s plight with Apple really brought home his bad faith.

  2. @dgold I find “agressive fanboyism” surprising. You should hear how negative he is about the last few years’ MacBooks — specifically the keyboards. I don’t recall his particular thoughts on Kapeli, but I seem to recall that overall they thought he had been hard done by, though was not without fault himself.

  3. @devilgate I write my thoughts about the atp/Kapeli situation over on the blog at the time: The USA is a Foreign Country. What I mean by aggressive fanboyism does not preclude criticism, it’s a deeper uncritical adoption of cultural mores in accordance with the objects stance.

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