This is a form of GDPR email I haven’t seen before (and I’ve seen a lot):

With new data protection rules known as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) effective 25th May 2018, we are reaching out to existing customers to notify them that RCP Parking Ltd will be unsubscribing all existing customers from our promotional communications.
RCP Parking Ltd has determined that previously subscribed customers were not subscribed in a manner compliant with the new GDPR regulation.

Refreshingly honest.


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  1. @devilgate Wow, yes, very honest. I’ve not had one like that exactly. I have had ones asking me to confirm and some asking me to resubscribe. Amusingly one such asked for my phone number as a required field, so I didn’t bother. They tried again today, without a phone number request, so I guess they had it pointed out to them.

  2. @devilgate Exactly what I thought. I considered contacting them, as I like the newsletter, so pleased to see action had been taken. It was the RSGB, so they possibly already have my number from when they issued my radio licence, but it was a point of principle to me.

  3. @devilgate I had one mailing list send an email saying all existing subscribers had to click a provided link to resubscribe or else they’d be unsubscribed automatically. Seems like the same sort of issue.

  4. @vanessa I could be wrong but I think OFCOM (or whatever they’re called nowadays) issued my licence and the RSGB is only a body representing UK amateurs.

  5. @home You’re right. I wasn’t thinking straight – a long day of writing complaint responses fried my brain. I logged on to Ofcom earlier this month to revalidate! Doh.

  6. @vanessa Oh! Thanks for the reminder! I think it’s been a while since I revalidated mine. I should set a recurring task…

  7. @home When I did my course the teachers suggested we should do it every year on our birthday. Not required (every three years?), but easy to remember. That said, I still have a repeating task set.

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