Why do Americans (or at least American podcasters) say “soddering” for “soldering”? Is it just a weird pronunciation (and if so, why?) or is it a slightly different spelling, like aluminium?


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  1. @devilgate That is the correct pronunciation. the L is silent. I’ve never heard it any other way. Google “soldering definition” and they provide an audio file of a woman saying the word, with the L silent. There is no alternate pronunciation offered. The derivation goes back to French with no L, souder and soudure.

  2. @Ron Interesting, I didn’t know the derivation. Over here in the UK I’ve only ever heard it said with the first syllable sounding like “sold.” I was listening to Jason Snell and Merlin Mann on the latest Upgrade podcast, and they said it several times the American way, and it just sounded so weird to me.

  3. @devilgate I suspect the L is in there from the Latin derivation of the word, which is probably also the derivation of the word, solid. As with many of these things in English, there is no extra charge for the silent L.

  4. @devilgate Yes, that’s a pretty exhaustive discussion of all the possible reasons. I gave the one from the Merriam Webster definition. Maybe those in the UK should protest Google for not providing an alternate audio file with the L pronounced as you say it. 🙂

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