There’s a Blues Brothers quote that seems appropriate here. And it’s not the one about sunglasses.

BREAKING: American Nazi wins Republican primary in Illinois’ Third Congressional District.

And I see that downstream people have posted the requisite clip.


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  1. @devilgate @manton The post I’m replying to contains a link to a tweet, but when it crossposted to Twitter it lost the link. Is there a way to link to a tweet on such that it will behave as a retweet or “quote tweet” when it gets to Twitter?

  2. @devilgate I don’t know the quote. The nazi won in the primary, where he ran unopposed! No real GOP candidate was willing to set him/herself up for a sure loss in a solid democrat stronghold district. A shocking win, but irrelevant when you look into what it really means. Our system of voting works, as the nazi will not be holding a public office.

  3. @devilgate The tweet was too long and had to be truncated to fit, and when it does that, it links back to your web site instead of preserving the inline link. Otherwise it will usually work exactly as you expected.

  4. @Ron I must admit I didn’t read into it in detail. The quote in question is, “I fucking hate Illinois Nazis.” Just before they drive through the rally and make the Nazis jump in the river.

  5. @devilgate I see, yes that would be appropriate! Obvious, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to state the obvious, there are tons of reallllly good people in the Midwest. I live on the road that Lincoln took in his rounds on the circuit as an attorney. I like to look out and imagine him riding by my house on his horse.

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