A Five and Four Zeroes

Actually it’s 50,069 words in total, as of a few minutes ago. And the last 5000 or so were not in the novel that I finished the other day.

Instead I wrote a new opening to the previous novel, which I hope will have moved it towards a submittable state; and a whole load of notes towards the next one, which I intend to start more or less right away.

As soon, at least, as I’ve got the skeleton of a plot, and a vague idea of the ending, so that I don’t go wandering around for years again.

Anyway: I declare myself a NaNoWriMo Winner.

A Five and Four Zeroes

13 thoughts on “A Five and Four Zeroes

  1. This one won’t be ready for anyone to see till it’s stewed for a while and then had big rewrites. I could send you a copy of the other one when I submit it, if you want.

  2. Ah, I didn’t realise it needs to stew a while. I am rather curious to hear your voice in words. Has it changed much since Spatz? etc Of course you should decide when Risso should see one or the other or both. Science-fiction ?

  3. Both science fiction, yeah. Changed much since Spatz? Ah dinnae ken. I didn’t write back then, really — only a few attempts at songs, as you’ll recall, since you co-wrote. “Rend the Speakers,” “Pollutician”… Actually the latter remains relevant today, sadly.

  4. Oddly (not that oddly) I’ve just had a Chinese takeaway. But it was brought to me, rather than me having to get drunk and go and get it. Progress.

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