Disturbing to see a Chinook hovering over the City as I approach Liverpool Street.

I like the Spark iOS email client, and the new drag & drop between it and the Documents app is great. But it can never be my full-time client until it lets me order the mail properly (oldest to newest, that is).

Losing the War on Terror

The front page of today's Guardian has a picture of what it looks like when you let the terrorists win: Armed police used to be almost unknown on British streets. Now they're becoming alarmingly commonplace. I saw two outside Liverpool Street Station yesterday; armed, like the two above, not just with pistols, but with big,…

BBC Close Their Store Without Explaining Why

I got an email from the BBC today, telling me that the BBC Store is closing in November. Oddly, they don't explain why. This Engadget article says it's because "people prefer streaming." At least, that's what the headline says. The article actually says the decision comes "following poor sales and tough competition from streaming services…

At Glasgow Airport, heading home after an excellent weekend seeing family and friends.

You’re probably wondering what has happened to my daily posts. Good question. I’m in Glasgow this weekend, so that has slowed things down. And also I’m working on a big piece. So big that I may have to split it in two, just to make it digestible.

Both the BBC and Twitter updating their privacy policies within a couple of days? What can it all mean?

The Sound of Audio Formats

Amusing that in the same week that I post a criticism of software patents, the final patents on the MP3 format expired. Some people are characterising this as the "death" of MP3, which is just nuts. In fact, far from being dead, it can finally come to life, as Marco Arment makes clear. Software patents:…

Landmark European Court Case Could Curtail Freedoms of British Dual Nationals

The Home Office refused his application on the grounds that she could not rely on her EU freedom of movement rights, which include the right to bring in a family member, as she was a British national as well as an EU national.

Does this legal case mean that British citizens automatically have fewer rights than EU citizens in general?  If that’s the case then we should be leaving the UK, not the EU.