November spawned some words (but not that many)

I’m not very good at this [NaNoWriMo]( thing, it turns out (again). This year I declared myself a [NaNo Rebel]( (basically anyone who aims to write 50,000 words, but not of a brand-new novel). I had originally hoped to finish my [previous novel]( before November started, and leave November clear for taking a big run at the new one, the idea for which [came knocking]( when I was about three-quarters of the way through the then-current one. But as it turned out I didn’t manage to finish it until [a few days into November]( So I decided just to count the words of original fiction I wrote in November.

Which proved to be just as well, because after just a couple of days on the new novel, I was cycling home from work one day when a short story deposited itself in my head, unbidden, but complete. I took a few days off from the novel to work on that, thus further ensuring my rebellious state.

As an experiment for my own interest, I also tried to keep a note of how many words I wrote for other things, both at home and at work; just to get an idea of how many words I write normally. I kept that all in a Google Docs spreadsheet, so I could get to it wherever I was. I’m sure I wasn’t complete in recording everything, though.

In the end I wrote 16,600 words of fiction1; so comparable with [last year]( And oh, dear: reading over those old posts to get links makes me realise that this is the _third_ NaNo during which I’ve been working on Accidental Upgrade.

But having said that, the thing that I’m underplaying in all this is that: **I. Finished. My. Novel.** 89,000 words of first draft, done and… well, left quite dusty, truth be told.

And a new short story drafted, and another novel reasonably well under way. I’m feeling quite positive about it all.

  1. And around 9000 of other stuff. []


  1. Well done buddy. I’m in a similar state although a bit less organized. I’ve been lucky enough to get a lot of writing done and was able to find someone who wanted short stories to buy through, but I haven’t heard from them for months now so I might have some extra stories that I can add to my set for a larger book. Will you be doing NaNoWriMo this year?

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