Cluttered by Google, Lost by Bing

I was reading The Clutter Didn’t Kill the Love by Brent Simmons, about how he was trying Microsoft’s Bing search engine, instead of Google. His reason was the current worry that Google is becoming less than trustworthy.

Google losing trust would be a shame. But at least a Google search for “martin mccallion” (without the quotes) has this blog as the number one hit. Try that on Bing at the moment and you get a whole pile of other Martin McCallions.1 The worst part to me is that the first six are Facebook or LinkedIn profiles (the seventh is one of those annoying directory sites, then you get me).

I wouldn’t mind other people with the same name appearing above me, if it was their proper sites; but to me social-network profiles feel like distinctly second-class web entities.

Or is that snobbish?

  1. As an experiment, and to ensure a like-for-like comparison, I signed out of Google, and went to the .com version (I normally use by default). I was still at the top. []


  1. James Bolivar DiGriz

    Maybe I’m old and cynical but it did not surprise me that when Google got big “Don’t be evil” would become ironic.

    However it is still a damn good search engine. I was looking to buy something the other day and I looked on Amazon and found a few instances but not what I wanted.

    I then used Google to look for it and I found what I wanted, on Amazon. It was described slightly differently and Google must use a better synonym search algorithm.

    As for your question, I think my answer is no.

    A blog strikes me as having more permanence than a social-network site.

    If you moved from WordPress to a different platform then you would probably take all of your old posts with you. Would anyone take anything from a social-network site when the next big thing arrives? Some photos and videos possibly but very little if any text.

    Also social-network sites have an ephemeral feel about them. When did you last here mention of Bebo or Myspace?

    As for Bing, well I did try it out of curiosity. I had, I thought, loaded and I started typing something in when it halted and (wasting my bandwidth) loaded a background image. Not only that but it had little grey squares on the image and if you mouse-over one of them it shows a factoid about the background image. WTF has that got to do with running MY search?


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