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It occurs to me that software companies, like the one I work for, are probably considered part of the ‘service sector’, in the kind of statistics that you hear on the news from time to time. Like most such companies, we do provide services. But at our core, we make and sell things — computer programs. The fact that the things are delivered by FTP rather than DHL does not make them any less things.

In short, we should be considered as part of the ‘manufacturing sector’; or at least as some sort of hybrid. The national statistics are therefore skewed, and the UK probably has a far larger manufacturing sector than we are generally told.

(Incidentally, I seem to have posted a version of this at, which just lets you do it, with no ‘About’ or any information. Interesting.)

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  1. I don’t actually know how software is classified, but it might even come under the “Creative” category, which apparently (according to something I heard on Radio 4 the other week, so it must be right!) earns the country as much as the vaunted financial sector.

    Other things considered part of “Creative” are things like advertising, fashion, design, the film industry, publishing, TV etc.

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