Long queues at polling places are a sign, surely, of a country recently freed from tyranny, of one that is experiencing the chance to vote for the first time (I’m thinking of South Africa in 1994, for example). They are not something that you generally expect to see in a mature democracy like the USA.

Let’s hope, then, that the people streaming to the polling stations on America are those desperate to breathe free of Bush and the Neocon hegemony, and not tiny-minded racists trying to drag the country back to the dark ages.

And remember, America: the whole world is watching.

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  1. The whole world is watching?! Glad I closed my bathroom shutters — “mature” democrats aren’t something you really want to examine too closely 8’/.

    My home state is 60% black, and yet may go for McCain
    (racism? go figure).

    As I’ve only ever voted for two people who eventually went on to win the presidency (Carter — yes, I’m that “mature” — and Clinton), I’m wondering if I just should vote the opposite of whom I want as a “jinx” vote.

    At any rate, I’ll vote today with my Brit buddies in mind!

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