Looking forward to hearing this

My favourite author and a favourite TV writer: together again for the first time!

bq. Iain Banks has now taken a look at the recording script of my BBC Radio 4 adaptation of his novella ‘The State of the Art’ and pronounces himself pleased.

From Paul Cornell’s blog

Looking forward to hearing this

0 thoughts on “Looking forward to hearing this

  1. Euan Morton says:

    Ah, dinnae suppose ye could record me a copy could you me old china, me old mate !? πŸ˜‰

  2. I’ll have a go when the time comes. If I listen to it when it’s on it shouldn’t be a problem, but if I miss it I’ll probably use the ‘Listen Again’ feature on the BBC website. Am I right in thinking that you can’t use that, due to being abroad?

    If so, then I’m sure it’ll be Out There Somewhere.

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