That ‘reporting back from Eastercon’ business

I realise that I “said”: I would report back from “Eastercon”: It already seems like quite a long time ago. I had a great time, though I missed out on the Saturday night and Sunday morning and early afternoon, as I went to collect my son from his grandparents’.

It was his first convention, and I think he quite enjoyed it; though the next time we’ll need to ensure that there are some other kids there who like “Yu-Gi-Oh! (mental trading card game beloved of ten-year-old boys)”:

I saw some old friends and had a fine time. I was very restrained in comparison with my old conventioneering days. Early(ish) nights, the lot. It was quite refreshing to come home on the Monday and not feel at all rough.

The guests of honour were great, those of them that I saw, at least. I missed “Charlie Stross’s”: speech because of being away for a while, but he was by far the most visible of them all around the con. “China Miéville”: gave a great speech about how it doesn’t spoil stories to read more into them than the author consciously intended; or than our interlocutor might say we should (you know, the kind who say, “You’re reading too much into it! It’s just a _story_!”).

And “Neil Gaiman (the net’s no. 1 Neil)”: was lovely. He read a short story, and talked for a bit, and then read the start of his new novel ??The Graveyard Book??. Later on, he did a kids-only reading of ??The Wolves in the Walls??. The best part of that was that parents and carers were allowed in too. He really knows how to handle an audience; even one of the most demanding kind, such as this.

And my boy got his books signed without having to join the apparently-mad queues for the official signing sessions.

Then there was a performance of my friend “Andrew’s”: play, ??The Terminal Zone??, which I wrote about when I read the “chapbook”:, It’s a fine work. This particular performance could have done with more rehearsal, but of course, these are amateurs, fitting it all into the rest of their lives, and doing a damn fine job.

That was followed by a live set from “Mitch Benn”:, who I’ve been a fan of for some time from his performances on Radio 4’s ??The Now Show??, and live, he was absolutely fantastic, especially, I think, since the audience got all his SF references (you don’t say) without any prompting.

All in all, a great weekend, in a fine hotel (pity it’s lost its swimming pool, though).

That ‘reporting back from Eastercon’ business

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  1. Euan Morton says:

    Sounds like a braw time ! I haven’t been at an Eastercon since 1991 in Glasgow, for the obvious reason of moving to the States that year. However, do hope to make it again to Albacon,, in Albany, the capital of New York State this October. They have a nice policy, put in place by the Wombat, of free admission to anyone with a non-US passsport, which is all of us but one !

  2. Hi Euan. Aye, it was good. Not quite like the old days, mind you. And neither a baseball hat nor pair of mirrorshades was to be seen, surprisingly.

    I like the sound of your Albacon. Now where _could_ they have got that name, I wonder ;-).

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