Eee! PC.

My new Eee PC relaxes on the bed:

New toy relaxes

A photo of one of my recent technological acquisitions, as taken by the other. It’s hard to take a photo of a new camera, unless you have another. And since this Canon Powershot G9 is the first digital camera I’ve had…

Both of them are fabulous. The Eee is finally an almost perfect replacement for the Psion 5 as mobile writing platform (much more powerful, but not as pocketable). And I’m taking the camera everywhere and filling up hard drives with the results. So expect to see more pictures appearing here.

Eee! PC.

0 thoughts on “Eee! PC.

  1. Alan Jeffrey says:

    The Eee is quite a remarkable device for the price. K got one a month or so back. And it’s quiet quiet quiet too. Our main grumble has been that it keeps dropping the wi-fi connection, grr.

  2. Have your girls fallen in love with it, or are they still a bit young? My six- (just turned seven-) year-old absolutely loves mine. She keeps switching it back to easy mode, though. I must teach her how to use proper Linux.

  3. Alan Jeffrey says:

    The girls get to watch youtube videos on it, and they are very pleased because K lets them touch the keyboard / trackpad, which is seriously off-limits on the other machines.

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