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Let’s rock again

Burn (tickettothewest) are back in action.  Yes, after a gap of only just over four months, we have rehearsed again.  Some of you will know that scunner, our former lead guitarist, left to work in Geneva last spring.  We quickly spent several months deciding to recruit another old Edinburgh SF Soc friend, Andrew.  We then leapt into action at a rate of a rehearsal every fortnight to three weeks.

Or so I’d have said.  A quick check of last year’s (electronic) diary suggests that our last rehearsal with Ol was in March; and the next rehearsal was in October.  Can we really have left it that long?  Well, maybe not.  We can be fairly sure that the reocord is incomplete, as it only shows one in October and one in November, and I can remember at least three, and I think probably four.

However our most recent was definitely November, which means, as swisstone said last night, that we would increase our frequency if we went to a quarterly schedule.

Given all that, though, last night went surprisingly well.  We remembered the stuff well, particularly Andrew, who is least familiar with it, and we sounded good: helped, no doubt, by being in Backstreet‘s best and biggest room, number 1,

In contrast with the plastic chairs of the other rooms, number 1 has two sofas.  Not that we used them.  Oh no.  We were much too busy rocking out to sit down and take a break. Honest.

Still, our workrate is higher than that of the Stone Roses, or My Bloody Valentine. Hmm, except that they released albums at the end of it. Oh well.  karmicnull suggests a target of a gig by the end of the decade.  I think that’s realistic, don’t you?