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Posts for June 18, 2004

[F]rom a low-key lounge groove to a scorched-earth crescendo”

Good to see that some people in America remember the Reagan years as we experienced them: Reagan’s Punk Rock is an article about the punk bands of the time, and their present-day successors:

But no band inveighed against the president with the intensity of the Rock Against Reagan tour’s headliners: San Francisco’s Dead Kennedys. The DK’s first record, Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables, was an eclectic and sardonic take on late ’70s California. Reagan drained practically all the subtlety out of the band. In 1981, they released their greatest post-Fresh Fruit offering, the raw and furious EP In God We Trust Inc. The sleeve featured a gold Jesus crucified on a cross of dollar bills.

From Bob Mould’s blog.

More good US commentary

Moby is prone to quoting entire articles from other sources in his blog.  I worry that he’ll be charged with many copyright breaches.  However, the latest he quotes, Conservative for Kerry, from the Orlando Sentinel, shows that there is some sanity on the American right:

People who think of themselves as conservatives will really display their stupidity, as I did in the last election, by voting for Bush. Bush is as far from being a conservative as you can get. Well, he fooled me once, but he won’t fool me twice.