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Post-election injury report

Who’d have thought Tony Wilson would have been so sensible? Just watching the election results on BBC1, and Anthony H was interviewed in a Manchester bar, saying, Stick with what you believe in … Blair made a terrible mistake in Iraq, and probably even he realises it now … we’ll get a bloody nose, but we’ll still be breathing. All downright good sense from where I’m sitting.

Which reminds me, I must see Twenty-Four Hour Party People.

In my last post I mentioned my uninjured right leg, but I realise that most people reading won’t know about my injury. A couple of weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, I fell down from a raised area in our back garden. I landed with pretty much all my (not insigificant) weight on my left leg. and twisted my knee quite badly. The consultant thinks I’ve busted my anterior cruciate ligament, but I’m still waiting for an appointment for an MRI scan to confirm the diagnosis.

So I’m hobbling around with a crutch and a knee brace, mostly annoyed with myself, because if I’d stepped more carefully, or been wearing different shoes, it probably wouldn’t have happened. The offending, extra-slippery trainers have been cast out into the recycling bin where there will be weeping, gnashing of teeth, and, hopefully, recycling. But it’ll be a long time, I fear, until I’m cycling again.

Back on politics, who are these people who, apparently, want Britain to leave the European Union? What kind of madness is that? I mean, aside from the probable contribution of the EU and its predecessors to keeping peace in Europe for the last fifty years, and the advantages I listed here; aside from all that: who the hell do they think we’d trade with?

They’ve just announced that UKIP have won a council seat in Hull. Mental. Ooh, the BNP have lost a seat in Burnley. Good.

I’m writing this on my Psion (surprisingly hard to find a decent link for that nowadays) while sitting watching the TV. Said Psion broke down the other day. I sent it to POS in Streatham to get fixed.. It came back today, and it has turned green (from being black before). There was no explanation, but I assume that what they’ve done is, rather than repair my one, they’ve transplanted the guts of it into a reconditioned body. It’s quite fetching, really.

I like the mood of the discussion on election-night programs: it’s serious, of course, but there’s a lightness. You get a bit of banter between the presenters and the guests. Of course, it was a lot bleaker during the dark-blue days of the eighties and early- to mid-nineties…

I don’t understand why there’s so much fuss over the postal ballots this time: we had them for the last two elections here in Hackney (first London Mayoral and local council). This time it’s back to proper polling booths, though. I much prefer it that way. How to increase turnout: let polling go on for, say, three days, and/or make polling day a national public holiday, as someone was suggesting in The Guardian the other day.