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Lyrics quiz: answers

For what it’s worth.

1. I’d like to dream my troubles all away
Billy Bragg & Wilco: California Stars

2. She wears the clothes of an emperor/But her paintings are a sham
Belle and Sebastian: It Could Have Been a Brilliant Career

3. They couldn’t tell Lou Reed from Doug Yule
The Fall: Shoulder Pads

4. I’ve got a heavy coat, it’s filled with rocks and sand
Pavement: Trigger-cut/Wounded-kite at :17

5. Having no future, it’s a terrible thing
Chelsea: Right to Work

6. I do not want your pearly gates, don’t want your streets of gold
Slaid Cleaves: This Morning I Am Born Again

7. Punished for speaking and praise for the silence
Penetration: Silent Community

8. She stumbled in sometime last loneliness
The Birthday Party: Deep in the Woods

9. It shows/While that bastard is in, unemplyment grows
Newtown Neurotics: Kick Out the Tories

10. I’ve met these fractured thoughts before/They grin and wander round this place
Sleeper: Shrinkwrapped

11. House is on fire, vipers in the grass
Bruce Springsteen: Lonesome Day

12. Woods full of crazies where the alligators chomp on you (chomp! chomp!)
OR: Got blues, and jazz, and country and western too
The Long Ryders: State Of My Union

13. Cash is gonna flow down by the old mainstream.
Wilco: Someday Soon

14. Take your time and take a bow/This place is gonna blow
Thea Gilmore: Gun Cotton

15. A purple dog that wears spats
The Velvet Underground: I can’t stand it

16. The flower looks good in your hair
Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros: Mondo Bongo

17. They, they always try to blame it on the blacks/But it’s really those in Newtown Neurotics: Living With Unemployment
power who’ll stab you in the back

18. Louie, Louie, Louie, Louie, Lou
The Long Ryders: Looking For Lewis and Clark

19. Black is a cast/Two is a crowd
Pete Yorn: Black

20. It feels like we just got started
Sleeper: Sale of the Century

It seems strange to find two Sleepers, Two Long Ryders,  and two Newtown Neurotics.  Not to mention two Wilcos, one with Billy Bragg and one without.  It sort of makes me wonder about the randomisation in WinAmp.  But then again, if every track is equally likely to turn up, you could get an entitre album’s track’s. in order, with as much probability as anything else, I suppose.